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Jacob Jonas The Company 'CRASH'
Seeded by ec4arts on 29 Jul 2019
Author: Jacob Jonas The Company
CRASH is a collaboration between Jacob Jonas The Company and Okaidja Afroso, who composed and will perform an original score live. The piece is inspired by the formation and patterns of waves — a source of inspiration for both Santa Monica, CA-based choreographer Jacob Jonas, and Afroso. “The ocean is never still. Waves crash continuously. While observing from the shore, we expect to see waves on the horizon. One never crashes the same as another. Never the same height, pressure, distance or rhythm. Waves transmit energy, not water. Once crashed, a specific whitewater formation appears, then disappears. I have taken a series of still images of these whitewater formations from the Santa Monica Pier to inspire and imitate the patterns and directions choreographically.” Jacob Jonas
Artist: Jacob Jonas