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Meet Bryan, a young supernumerary's journey in Carmen vol. 3
Seeded by sdopera on 11 Apr 2019
Author: SanDiegoOpera
Our journey with young supernumerary Bryan comes to a close as we catch up with him for the last performance of Carmen where he has special fans in the audience – his parents! Bryan came to us a shy 4th grader but through this experience at Carmen he made new friends, gained self-confidence, and learned important lessons that we hope he will take with him through life. “I learned it doesn’t matter what people see. It matters what you do. And as long as it’s good, you’ll be happy with it. If you missed the first parts of Bryan’s story you can find part 1 here: And part 2 here: When you support San Diego Opera you not only support live opera in the community, but you sustain programs such as Words and Music which empowers students in our schools, creating the next generation of thoughtful, empathic, leaders like Bryan. Inspire the future leaders of tomorrow with your gift at
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