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Peter Grimes at the San Diego Opera (Rehearsal)
Seeded by BillStensrud on 7 May 2009
Author: SanDiegoNewsNetwork Anthony Dean Griffey rehearses the role of Peter Grimes with Spike Sommers. Performances begin April 18 at the San Diego Opera. "Fisherman Peter Grimes is a big man, a loner, a misfit, prone to violence in a village that refuses to understand or accept him. When his boy apprentice dies during a storm at sea, the villagers become suspicious. Was he simply negligent or was it something worse? When his new apprentice is first discovered bruised and then falls off a cliff, the village sets off on a manhunt. Insane, raving, pursued by the mob, Grimes sails out to sea to meet his fate."
Work: Britten: Peter Grimes, Op. 33
Composer: Benjamin Britten
Ensemble: San Diego Opera
Presenter: San Diego Opera
Period: 20th Century