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Loeffler: 4 Poems for Voice, Viola & Piano — Camerata Pacifica
Seeded by cameratapacifica on 29 Jan 2019
Author: Camerata Pacifica
LIVE & UNEDITED: 4 Poems for Voice, Viola & Piano of Charles Martin Loeffler Andrew Garland, Paul Coletti and Warren Jones, recorded live in concert at the Music Academy of the West, Santa Barbara, CA on February 16th, 2018. Text translation follows: THE BROKEN BELL It is bitter and sweet, during the nights of winter, To hear, near the smoky fire that dances, The distant memories slowly rise In the sound of the bells that sing in the mist. Happy the bell with its vigorous sound That, despite its age, is still alert and weighty, That throws its religious cry faithfully Like an old soldier who is on duty! My soul is broken, and even in its distress It wants to cry out in the cold air of the night, And land on the ear so that its weakened voice Resembles the cry of a wounded man who has been forgotten Next to a pool of blood, in a great struggle with death, And who dies, without ever moving. LET'S DANCE THE JIG! Let's dance the jig! I loved especially her beautiful eyes, Clearer
Ensemble: Camerata Pacifica
Presenter: KUSC Los Angeles