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Lara Downes - Holes in the Sky: Official Trailer
Seeded by laradownes on 29 Jan 2019
Author: Lara Downes
“I want real things - live people to take hold of - to see - and talk to - music that makes holes in the sky - I want to love as hard as I can." - Georgia O’Keeffe On March 1, 2019, American pianist Lara Downes releases her latest album, Holes in the Sky, on the Sony Masterworks label. Holes in the Sky is a genre-fluid collection of music written and performed by a constellation of today's leading female artists, celebrating the contributions of phenomenal women to the past, present, and future of American music. This music tells the story of what women and girls can contribute to the world when they are given a chance - their dreams can make holes in the sky. The album is presented in support of PLAN International Because I Am A Girl, supporting the rights and empowerment of girls and young women around the globe, and Women’s Empowerment, ending homelessness one woman - and one family - at a time. Lara collaborates with an extraordinary multi-generational group of female gues
Artist: Lara Downes