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Zarah Akt II scene 7
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Judith Rosenbaum (Madelaine Wibom, soprano), Zarahs jewish dresser, has been arrested by Gestapo and is now forced to deliver books on a wheelbarrow to the nazi bonfire. Suddenly she sees Florian in the crowd and they manage to escape for a moment of their own. Florian tells that he appealed for her sake of Goebbels, her former fellow student. Judith feels that she must tell Florian about the earlier relationship between herself and Goebbels. The role of Judith Rosenbaum is partly based of the life of Else Jahnke, who was a fellow student and engaged to Joseph Goebbels, during their studies at the university. Else Jahnke who was from a jewish family, did survive the Holocaust. From the opera success ¨Zarah¨ seen by more than 25.000 in Stockholm Folkoperan, 2007. (music by Anders Nilsson libretto by Claes Fellbom) More info at http://www.andersnilssoncomposer...
Work: Nilsson: Zarah
Composer: Anders Nilsson
Conductor: Joakim Unander
Instrument: Soprano ; Baritone
Venue: Folkoperan
Form/Genre: Opera
Period: 20th Century