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Claudin de Sermisy: Tant que vivray; Voices of Music (Leonardo da Vinci: a Musical Odyssey) 4K
Seeded by voicesofmusic on 8 Nov 2018
Author: Voices of Music
We love this song :) Tant ques Vivray, by Claudin de Sermisy. Live, 4K video from our Leonardo da Vinci: a musical Odyssey concert in San Francisco, performed by the Early Music ensemble Voices of Music. Stefanie True, soprano; Deborah Rentz-Moore, mezzo soprano. We do not know the circumstances that caused da Vinci to move from his native Italy to France, where he spent his final days. Perhaps his fame had waned, or perhaps patrons had moved on to younger, more productive artists who were more in vogue; certainly, any artist in Rome at that time would have been overshadowed by the completion of the Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel paintings in 1512 or his monumental marble sculptures, such as the Pietà. Drafts of Leonardo’s letters from this time reveal a bitter, melancholy tone. While living in Rome between 1513 and 1516, and enjoying the patronage of Leo X along with Raphael and Michelangelo, da Vinci had met the young ruler of France, Francis I, during an event in Bologna following Fr
Ensemble: Voices of Music