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"The Meatball Composer Podcast" Episode 29 - No Lions, a Tiger and Bearsss...
Seeded by composerchris on 12 Oct 2018
Author: R Christopher Teichler
When I'm not teaching or composing, being a dad or a husband, I'm probably watching sports. Or talking sports. Or listening to others talk about sports! I'm a Chicagoland native, and I carried my fandom with me when I moved to Fort Worth, TX. My Bears, the Cubs, Blackhawks, even the White Sox (sometimes the Bulls...), I enjoy following the hometown teams. In an effort to work on my public speaking and verbal communication, I decided to start a podcast where I could talk about music, my teams, and anything else that I enjoy talking about. I think I've noticed improvement in the classroom, at least enough to continue the experiment! So, here is a recent episode from my podcast, "The Meatball Composer." I'll post future episodes here as well. Thanks for listening! Subscribe to the Podcast! Apple Podcasts - Google Podcasts -