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Hoover: Medieval Suite Demon's Dance with Nina Perlove & Dianne Frazier
Seeded by ninaperlove on 27 Sep 2018
Author: Nina Perlove
Live performance at the 2016 Tribute Concert for Katherine Hoover at the NFA Convention, in honor of her Lifetime Achievement Award. I was deeply honored to have been invited by Katherine to perform her music on this concert - here is a message I wrote to Katherine thanking her for including me in this tribute: Katherine: Congratulations on your much-deserved honor at the 2016 National Flute Association Convention. Your work has enriched our field and given a voice to flutists worldwide. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be a composer and give birth to each composition, a labor of love, and then release her into the unpredictable care of this diverse population called musicians. How will she turn out? Who will nurture her and who will abuse her? Who will steal from her and who will feed her? When I encounter her again, whether by intention or by chance, will I recogn
Instrument: Piano