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Tom Flaherty:Time's Up
Seeded by tomflaherty on 11 Jun 2018
Author: Tom Flaherty
The phrase “Time’s Up,” currently associated with the growing movement against sexual harassment, can be equally applied to many other related struggles. The piece “Time’s Up” takes its inspiration from glimmers of hope in these difficult times of division and power struggles. Women’s rights, civil rights, national and international military issues, and senseless violence on many scales have been with us forever, but they all seem to have reached a crisis point simultaneously this year. Students of the Parkland, Florida massacre fighting for sane gun laws, celebrities at the forefront of women’s rights in their industry and beyond, and journalists working to uncover dishonesty and divisiveness among power brokers all give a measure of hope in these often frightening times. The piece is not intended as a literal and heavy handed polemic about a particular issue, but reflects tension and hope for a healthy outcome and some measure of unity for all. It uses the centuries-old intrica
Composer: Tom Flaherty