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Lilian & Leo by Efraín Amaya (Miniature Opera)
Seeded by efrainamaya on 8 Jun 2018
Author: Efraín Amaya
Lilian & Leo Music by Efraín Amaya Libretto by Susana Amundaraín Clara Rottsolk, soprano Philip Zawisza, baritone Minot Symphony Orchestra The Wheel of Fortune April 21, 2018 Ann Nicole Nelson Hall Lilian and Leo. This miniature opera is based on the true a story of a popular democratic leader in Venezuela, made prisoner on February 18th, 2014 for calling the masses to protest in the streets, against widespread injustice. Leopoldo López was put in a high-security prison, charged with multiple counts of attempting to overthrow the regime in place, and of course, for being a promising leader of a discontented and desperate people. He was later transferred to house arrest on July 8th, 2017 after being imprisoned for over three years. On August 1st, 2017 he was taken from his home by SEBIN (Bolivarian Intelligence Service) agents and was briefly imprisoned once again in Ramo Verde Prison. Since then, López returned home and has remained under house arrest since August 5th, 2017. While
Composer: Efrain Amaya