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City Lights and Other Stories - Monday, May 14, 2018 - 7:30 p.m. Pacific
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Author: Christopher Adler
City Lights and Other Stories (2013–18) Christopher Adler i. City Lights 1 * ii. City Lights 2 * iii. City Lights 3 * iv. Mémoire v. Chaetura vi. Berceuse for a Diamond Moon vii. Khaen viii. For Alin ix. Air ** x. Canon xi. Blues Nocturne xii. Snowflakes xiii. River Rouge xiv. Letters from a Lost Poet all movements are world premieres except * Premiered by Andrea Violet Lodge ** Premiered by Aaron Michael Butler Pianist and composer Christopher Adler presents the world premiere of the complete City Lights and Other Stories, a collection of fourteen short works for solo piano. This collection traverses Christopher’s eclectic musical experiences ranging over classical and modern keyboard repertoire, jazz, avant-garde and Southeast Asian musics. The works vary from intermediate to advanced and introduce a wide variety of contemporary techniques and musical principles in a manner suitable for students of piano seeking to gain fluency in the contemporary musi
Composer: Christopher Adler
Instrument: Piano ; Khaen