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Lincoln | Alex Berko
Seeded by joshuaharper on 25 Apr 2018
Author: Alex Berko
"Lincoln" was commissioned by the Cathedral Choral Society of Washington D.C. The premiere was given by the Society, conducted by Donald Nally at the Washington National Cathedral on March 4, 2018. This is the second performance as part of my senior recital at Indiana University. -- Text: -- WHOSE LONELY SOUL GOD KINDLED IS HERE REMEMBERED BY A PEOPLE THEIR CONFLICT HEALED BY THE TRUTH THAT MARCHES ON -- AD HOC CHOIR AT IU -- CONDUCTOR Joshua Harper SOPRANO Leigha Amick Anna Donnelly Denique Isaac Amane Machida Jennie Moser Kellie Motter Anne Rumzis ALTO Chelsea Brinda Hana J . Cai Liz Culpepper Chi-Jo Lee Grace Ann Lee Marta Perrine TENOR Alex Berko John Griffith II Joseph McBrayer Paul Mortilla Sam Ritter Tislam Swift Miggy Torres BARITONE/BASS Matthew Crozier Jamie Kunselman Pascal Pahl Matthew Recio Corey K . Rubin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For more information, visit htt
Conductor: Joshua Harper