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Matthew Recio - Echo
Seeded by joshuaharper on 26 Mar 2018
Author: Dominick DiOrio
Indiana University Jacobs School of Music NOTUS * Dominick DiOrio, director Joshua Harper, conductor Matthew Recio (b. 1991) Echo (2016) * world premiere performance *** Recorded live in Auer Concert Hall on the IU Bloomington Campus and presented as part of the program "Echoes and Storms" on Tuesday, February 6, 2018. *** About the composer: About the Jacobs School of Music Choral Conducting Department: About the conductor: http://joshuaharper.instantencor... About the ensemble: *** NOTUS: Contemporary Vocal Ensemble Dominick DiOrio, Conductor Joshua Harper, Associate Conductor Grant Farmer, Assistant Conductor Soprano Leigha Amick Carolyn Craig Anna Donnelly Denique Isaac Grace Lerew Amane Machida Maya Vansuch Rachel Whitcomb Kandace Wyatt Mezzo-Soprano/Alto Katherine Bodor Chelsea Brinda LeOui Janse von Rensburg Daan