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Katherine Young - just water, no lemon
Seeded by thirdcoastpercussion on 3 Sep 2017
Author: thirdcoastpercussion
Part of Third Coast Percussion's Emerging Composers Partnership. Live Premiere Video May 28, 2017 Constellation - Chicago The curious timbres, expressive noises, and kinetic structures of Katherine Young’s (born 1980, Ypsilanti, MI) electro-acoustic music explore the dramatic physicality of sound, shifting interpersonal dynamics, and associations with the familiar and the strange. Ensemble Dal Niente, Talea, String Orchestra of Brooklyn, Spektral Quartet, the CSO’s MusicNOW, and others have performed her music. As a bassoonist and improviser, Katherine amplifies her instrument and employs a flexible electronics set-up. She has recorded with her quartet Pretty Monsters, in addition to duo projects with Anthony Braxton and violist Amy Cimini, and her solo projects. The multi-movement work Diligence Is to Magic as Progress Is to Flight is out on Parlour Tapes+, as a stereo recording and do-it-yourself cassette installation box set. She is a founding member of Till by Turning. “just wat
Instrument: Percussion