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Andrea Clearfield - Three Songs for Violin and Bass (after poems by Pablo Neruda), I.
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Author: Andrea Clearfield Music
Written by Andrea Clearfield Heide Sibley, violin Edgar Meyer, bass Text by Pablo Neruda I. Body of a Woman Inspired by three sensual love poems by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, this set of three musical tableaux was originally composed for Philadelphia Orchestra bassist, Robert Kesselman and his wife, oboist Jennifer Kuhns in 1996. Two years later, the work was arranged for violin and bass duo for celebrated bassist Edgar Meyer who recorded the work in Banff, Canada. In 2002, Manfred Fischbeck, artistic director of Group Motion Dance Company, choreographed the duo for the Fringe Festival in Philadelphia where the music was performed live with the dancers. The work has been performed by numerous duos internationally, some with projected images and incorporating spoken word. I. Body of a Woman II. The Light Wraps You III. Every Day You Play Image credit: painting by Louise Clearfield
Composer: Andrea Clearfield
Instrument: Violin ; Double Bass