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Danny Clay - playbook
Seeded by thirdcoastpercussion on 16 Mar 2017
Author: thirdcoastpercussion
This is the world premiere performance of Emerging Composers Partnership winner Danny Clay's "play book," June 5 2016 at Constellation Chicago. "play book" is a collection of sound games for standard and homemade percussion instruments. As acomposer who "daylights" as an elementary school music teacher, I wanted to make a set of pieces flexible enough to function in a variety of ways - as concert music, as activities between friends, as games that students could easily learn and play in the classroom. Some of the pieces are completely written out, some are vaguely open-ended, and some are completely taught by rote -- similarly, some of the 'rules' at play are easier to determine than others. Regardless, they are all rooted in the sheer curiosity and unabashed joy of what can happen when people make noise together. -Danny Clay play book 1. bloom - 0:00 2. game 1 - 4:58 3. trigger 3 - 6:25 4. trigger 1 - 8:15 5. game 2 - 10:20 6. trigger 2 - 12:35 7. game 3 - 15:28 8. teeth - 17:36 9.
Instrument: Percussion