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C.P.E. Bach: Cello Concerto in A Minor Wq. 170; William Skeen with Voices of Music, Andante 4K UHD
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Author: Voices of Music
Hey everyone~! Please consider a donation, and we will make more videos like this one :) We need your help! The Andante from Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's Concerto in A minor, Wq.170, presented in celebration of his 300th anniversary. Performed on original instruments by the Early Music ensemble Voices of Music, William Skeen, soloist; 4K UHD video from our Virtuoso Concertos concert, November, 2014. C.P.E. Bach transformed the musical language at the end of the Baroque, and as part of this process he also elevated the role of the cello, so that as a solo instrument it became the equal of the keyboard, violin and flute. This new balance is represented by the presentation of Bach’s concertos in multiple forms: the solo parts for the cello concertos were also arranged for harpsichord and flute. Although it is tempting to speculate that the cello versions were composed first, or specifically with the cello in mind, it is also quite possible that Car
Ensemble: Voices of Music