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Frot fron it, from Zaum Box, by Christopher Adler / Katelyn King
Seeded by christopheradler on 14 Nov 2016
Author: Christopher Adler
Frot fron it / ???? ???? ?? A Concerto in Four Movements from Zaum Box, by Christopher Adler (2015-16) Realization by Katelyn King, percussion Video by Ute Freund Sound by Christoph Utzinger Filmed in Berlin, August, 2016 Text by Aleksei Kruchenykh, from Pomada (1913) Zaum Box is a collection of ten compositions for solo speaking percussionist, each setting one Russian futurist zaum text. The work was commissioned by percussionists Katelyn King and Alexv Rolfe. Zaum, or ‘trans-rational’ language, was developed by poet Alexei Kruchenykh in 1913, who asserted that ordinary language could not express the thoughts of the modern mind in a state of inspiration. Learn more about Zaum Box at
Composer: Christopher Adler
Instrument: Piano ; Khaen