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Handel: Sento Brillar (Il Pastor Fido); Christopher Lowrey, countertenor, Voices of Music 4K
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Author: Voices of Music
The scintillating aria "Sento Brillar," from Handel's "Il Pastor Fido," Christopher Lowrey, countertenor. Live, 4K ultra HD video from the Voices of Music "Art of the Countertenor" concert, March, 2016. A virtuoso opera singer in the time of Handel would have exploited the form of the Da Capo aria to the fullest extent possible by adding brilliant and original ornaments to the repeat of the first "A" section. Typically, the aria would begin at a tempo "with room," in order that on the repeat the soloist would have the freedom, if desired, to divide the original notes so that 16th notes became 32nd notes: an extra gear. When paired with the imagination of the best singers in Europe, the Da Capo aria proved to be one of the most popular and enduring forms of the baroque. This important composition of Handel is now available for the first time in 4K, ultra-high definition video. *Voices of Music is creating a worldwide digital library of music videos and recordings, free for anyone in t
Ensemble: Voices of Music