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?Lullaby Project (2016)
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Author: Seattle Symphony
?Lullaby Project The Lullaby Project was designed by Carnegie Hall to offer mothers in distressed situations a unique opportunity to write a personal lullaby for their babies. Its broader purpose is to empower these mothers both as artists and as individuals. There are 3 aspects to the project: The creative workshop — gives mothers an opportunity to write letters to their children expressing their hopes, wishes and dreams for them. From these letters the teaching artists help pull out phrases and words that will become verses and melodies. They ask the women what kind of mood or style they want and the lullabies start to take shape. The creative workshop lasts approximately 6 hours. The recording session — 2–4 weeks after the creative workshop, the teaching artists record the finished lullabies onto a CD. The mothers are invited to the recording session and are given the opportunity to record a personal dedication for their children. The sharing session — the finished CDs are pres
Ensemble: Seattle Symphony