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Seattle Symphony: Giya Kancheli’s Nu.Mu.Zu
Seeded by seattlesymphony on 25 Nov 2015
Author: Seattle Symphony
SEATTLE SYMPHONY RELEASES GIYA KANCHELI’S NU.MU.ZU FOR FREE STREAMING AND DOWNLOAD: Major Symphonic Work Expresses Composer’s Hope for a Future without Violence In response to recent world events, the Seattle Symphony has released Giya Kancheli’s emotional new work, Nu.Mu.Zu for Orchestra, for free streaming and download. The work conveys the composer’s struggle with comprehending violence and his hopes for a better future. Conducted by the Seattle Symphony’s French Music Director, Ludovic Morlot, Nu.Mu.Zu was recorded live at its U.S. premiere a week before the events in Paris and Beirut. Morlot shared, “Earlier this month, we were deeply touched by Nu.Mu.Zu, and by the sentiments Kancheli expressed about his hopes for a world without violence. After the recent terrorist attacks in my home country of France, and elsewhere, we felt strongly that this music should go out into the world and be shared with everyone.” Nu.Mu.Zu means “I don’t know” in the ancient l
Ensemble: Seattle Symphony