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Douglas Townsend The Infinite: A Modern Ballet CV08NOV2015
Seeded by douglastownsend on 21 Nov 2015
Composer’s Voice presents Douglas Townsend’s “The Infinite: A Modern Ballet (1952) Movements 3 and 4 (of 4)” performed by Isabel Perez Dobarro and Christos Marinos, pianists for The Music of Douglas Townsend: a tribute concert presented by Jean Townsend at Beethoven Pianos, November 8, 2015, New York City.
Work: Townsend: The Infinite: A Modern Ballet
Movement 3
Movement 4
Composer: Douglas Townsend
Miscellaneous: Jean Townsend
Instrument: Piano
Form/Genre: Ballet
Period: 20th Century
Festival: Composer's Voice Concert Series