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Douglas Townsend 8 x 8: Dance Improvisation and Fugue CV08NOV2015
Seeded by douglastownsend on 21 Nov 2015
Composer’s Voice presents Douglas Townsend’s “8x8 Dance Improvisation and Fugue” performed by Elise Carter, flutes and Laura Ravotti, piano for The Music of Douglas Townsend: a tribute concert presented by Jean Townsend at Beethoven Pianos, November 8, 2015, New York City.
Work: Townsend: 8 x 8: Dance Improvisation and Fugue for Flute/Piccolo/Recorder and Piano
Composer: Douglas Townsend
Ensemble: Zinkali Trio
Miscellaneous: Jean Townsend
Instrument: Flute ; Piano
Form/Genre: Dance ; Fugue
Period: 20th Century
Festival: Composer's Voice Concert Series