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Szymanowski, Op.5 No.III
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Author: Katarzyna Sadej
Szymanowski, Op.5 III) Moja piesn wieczorna / My Evening Hymn / Mon cantique du soir Ravinia Steans Music Institute, 2014 Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia Festival Katarzyna Sadej, Mezzo-Soprano Brent Funderburk Piano English translation by Katarzyna Sadej: Blessed be this moment, When the soul’s evening hymn is born When, from quiet fields, from grasslands, rivers’ banks From paths and from meadows, from old huts, And from those ancient barns, a boy’s song cries out: Ah, play for me, little flute, play! I carved you from that willow tree Where there is that silver-grey stream Where there is that whispery wood; A woman killed a man there once; The grave now has become overgrown with green! It is overgrown, yes! And the thorny bushes of the hawthorn Spill its flower all around And a whisper comes from the woods And the soul listens, and listens, and her day is slowly extinguishing And she, with a trace of longing, Swims the wide wave of the moon She swims in glittering dew through mead
Artist: Katarzyna Sadej