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Fitch: Totem
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Keith Fitch: Totem (1993) CIM Orchestra Michael Adelson, guest conductor October 15, 2008 Totem was composed during the summer of 1993 on a commission from the New York Youth Symphony through its First Music 10 competition. The title refers to various aspects of the work and its history: the dark, ritualistic nature of the music, loosely inspired by Jackson Pollock's 1947 painting, Full Fathom Five, the use of an ascending figure throughout much of the piece and on a more personal note, the place of the work in my compositional career. It was the last orchestral work I wrote while studying with my primary teacher and mentor, Frederick Fox, long-time chairman of the Composition Department at Indiana University and a remarkable composer and educator. If one traditional meaning of a totem is that of a reminder of a family or tribe's ancestry and heritage, then this work may serve as one marker of the time I spent with this singular musician who influenced so much of my musical thinking.
Work: Fitch: Totem
Composer: Keith Fitch
Conductor: Michael Adelson
Miscellaneous: Alexander Kosiorek
Period: 20th Century