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La Belle Helene: Act II finale (Kasarova '97)
Seeded by Arashi on 28 Jan 2009
Author: SDCmorg
Act II finale of Offenbach's 'La belle Helene' from Zurich Opera 1997. Vesselina Kasarova (Helene) Deon Van Der Walt (Paris) Volker Vogel (Menelaus... the bald guy) Oliver Widmer (Agamemnon...geriatric in blue) Carlos Chausson (Chalcas... the bearded high priest flanked by the blond and the red head) Liliana Nikiteanu (Orestes... the trouser role) Nikolaus Harnoncourt/ Orchestra la Scintilla Zurich/ Choir of Opera House Zurich Menelaus arrives home unexpectedly to find his wife Helen in bed with Paris... What is the guilty pair to do but to divert attention by claiming that the embarrassing episode is Menelaus' fault (for not having the decency to warn them that he was coming home early). The Spartans are distracted for a while (with Kasarova's sultry voice, who wouldn't be?), but finally expel Paris once they've recovered their senses. If you like the clip, buy the Image Entertainment DVD. It's a bloody entertaining show! video-bar