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Gabriel Faure: Au Bord de l'eau (At the Water's Edge)
Seeded by Unknown on 2 Aug 2015
Author: Kira Braun, Soprano
Faure's timeless Art Song depicting the peace of nature that we all too often miss, in this hasty world. All Paintings are by my Stepfather, Guttorn Otto (1919-2012) and are used with permission from his daughter, Hildegard Battista. I chose to pair his paintings with this music because in my heart, hI remember him as a man who was profoundly moved by both nature and music. He would have appreciated this. The Paintings are available by contacting his family and many are exhibited at ArtWorld Fine Art. Kira Braun, Soprano Peter Krochak, Piano Recorded at Number 9 Audio Group, Toronto CANADA Sound Engineer: Bernie Cisternas Artistic Advisor: Brahm Goldhamer English Translation: Au Bord de l'eau - 1875 Poem by Sully-Prudhomme To sit together at the edge of the passing wave, To see it pass; Together, if a cloud glides by in its space, To see it glide; If a thatched roof sends smoke on the horizon, To see it smoke; If in the vicinity s
Work: Fauré: Au bord de l'eau
Composer: Gabriel Fauré
Instrument: Soprano ; Piano