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Douglas Townsend's SONATINA NO. 2 FOR PIANO SOLO (1950) (1st and 3rd movements)
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Author: Douglas Townsend
Douglas Townsend's second sonatina for piano solo performed by pianist Isabel Perez Dobarro on 4/19/15 at Holyrood Episcopal Church in northern Manhattan. The three movements are: Sonatina, Song without Words, and Rondo-Fast. (The 1st and 3rd movements are on this video.) This concert was a collaboration between Jean Townsend and the Washington Heights Musical Society. Audio and video by Edward Stone.
Work: Townsend: Sonatina no 1 for Piano
I. Sonatina
III. Rondo-Fast
Composer: Douglas Townsend
Miscellaneous: Edward Stone
Instrument: Piano
Form/Genre: Sonatina
Period: 20th Century