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Aakash Odedra Company: Murmur Trailer
Seeded by dance4 on 27 Jan 2015
Author: AakashOdedraCompany
Diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, Aakash found conventional education at school very challenging. He felt defined by his learning difficulties, rather than his abilities. As written language was so alien, dance became his preferred mode of expression. In Murmur, Aakash and Australian choreographer Lewis Major delve into the idea of warped and exaggerated realities. In a new collaboration with Major and Ars Electronica Futurelab (Linz, Austria), the company explores how the misconceptions of dyslexia can be revealed through visual design, light, sound and movement. Performer and Co-Choreographer Aakash Odedra Co-Choreographer Lewis Major Futurelab Project Management Kristefan Minski Futurelab Technical Patrick Müller / Erwin Reitböck Futurelab Programming Florian Berger Roland Aigner Otto Naderer Futurelab Graphics / Animation Andreas Jalsovic Original Concept (Futurelab Involvement) Roland Haring Lighting Designer Andrew Ellis Assistant Lighting Designer Clare Byrnes