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Sea Of Reeds - Gerald Cohen
Seeded by vaskodukovski on 12 Sep 2014
Author: parmarecordings
From classical and jazz to klezmer and folk, the clarinet remains as a distinguished voice in many genres and composer Gerald Cohen calls it one of his favorite instruments: "I love the clarinet for its wide variety of character and dynamics, and its ability to either blend beautifully with other instruments or to stand out prominently." Through his affinity, the composer presents works which feature the clarinet in various trio settings on his debut Navona Records release, SEA OF REEDS. Cohen's compositions explore the clarinet's colorful personality with his use of classical, Jewish, and folk motifs as well as choral harmonies. Grneta Variations mixes folk and Jewish themes with syncopation and phrase modulations. The title track is a set of five Jewish liturgical songs composed by Cohen and arranged for two clarinets and piano, which retain the choral lyricism of the originals, while Variously Blue is a work of variations on a 12-bar blues pattern that explores the connections bet
Artist: Vasko Dukovski