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Arcangelo Corelli: Concerto Grosso IV in D Major; Allegro & Coda : Voices of Music
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Author: Voices of Music
The concluding Allegro and Coda from Corelli's Concerto Grosso No. 4 in D Major, performed on original instruments by the Early Music ensemble Voices of music. Corelli's concertos, Op. 6, were published in 1714 in Amsterdam, and dramatically affected the style of the baroque concerto for the next generation of composers. The concertos are written in an expanded trio sonata style, in which the two solo violins and cello form a small ensemble within the larger tutti framework. The fourth concerto is noteworthy for its suave and serene introduction, the gracefulness of the dance movement, the exceptionally well-balanced counterpoint and harmony, and the furious concluding coda which flows out of the second ending of the last movement. HD Video from the Voices of Music Lamentations of Jeremiah concert, April, 2014. In the year 1702, the Avvisi dei Roma noted that for a performance during Holy Week of Scarlatti's Lamentations, the orchestra also played "a superb concerto for basses, violone
Ensemble: Voices of Music