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5 Minutes With Tavche Gravche
Seeded by vaskodukovski on 21 Jul 2014
Author: Tavche Gravche Official Channel
For More Info Please visit: Hailing from New York City's bustling streets, Tavche Gravche brings forth a fresh take on traditional Balkan tunes, as well as evocative originals by the group's members. Macedonian-born and Juilliard educated, clarinetist Vasko Dukovski is a concert performer dedicated to breathing new life into the music of his roots. Steeped in both jazz and flamenco, Israeli-born guitarist Dan Nadel provides the fiery textural and harmonic palette for the band's music. Jazz bassist Daniel Ori, also from Israel, is the quartet's founder, and his luxurious sound is its foundation. Master Macedonian percussionist Aleksander Petrov graces the stage with his magic and frees the entire band to go beyond their unique blend of sounds,cultures, rhythms, colors, and become an all-encompassing adventure for the listeners and themselves. Tavche Gravche blends haunting Macedonian and Mediterranean melodies in a dynamic improvisational atmosphere, maintainin
Artist: Vasko Dukovski
Instrument: Clarinet ; Guitar ; Double Bass ; Cajon