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Caccini: Amarilli mia bella; Phoebe Jevtovic Rosquist, soprano; David Tayler, archlute
Seeded by voicesofmusic on 4 Feb 2014
Author: Voices of Music
The solo song, Amarilli mia bella, from Caccini's "Nuove Musiche" (Florence, 1602), performed by Phoebe Jevtovic Rosquist, soprano, and David Tayler, archlute. HD video from the "Saturday Night at the Movies" concert presented by the Early Music ensemble Voices of Music, January, 2014, in San Francisco. Once a year, Voices of Music invites early music groups to participate in a day of filming in San Francisco. You provide the music, we provide the cameras, and we all watch the magic. Musicologist Tim Carter identifies the poet as Alessandro Guarini (PRMA, 1988). An early form of this song circulated before 1600; in 1601 Caccini added the beautiful coda to the simple AABB form of the original, and made a great song even better. Our performance includes ornamentation and accompaniment in the style of the time. Amarilli mia bella, non credi o del mio cor dolce desio, d'esser tu l'amor mio? Credilo pur: e se timor t'assale, prendi questo mio strale Aprimi il petto e vedrai scritto in core
Ensemble: Voices of Music