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Douglas Townsend's THE RIDGEFIELD RAG (1985) (for piano four-hands)
Seeded by douglastownsend on 3 Nov 2013
Author: Douglas Townsend
This performance was the Wisconsin premiere by the McKeever Duo of Douglas Townsend's THE RIDGEFIELD RAG (1985) (for piano four-hands). The performance took place on July 11, 2013, in Racine, Wisconsin. James and Susan McKeever (the McKeever Duo) also performed the rag at the University of Wisconsin, Bedford Concert Hall, on October 11, 2013, and on October 28, 2013. THE RIDGEFIELD RAG was written in Ridgefield, CT, whose name is referenced in the title of the composition. The rag is in the style of the African-American composer Scott Joplin. The photos of the McKeever Duo in the video are from the two October concerts and supplied by them; the audio is from the premiere in July and supplied by them. The photos of the Bechstein pianos are by Jean Townsend. Video by Jean Townsend. A version of this rag for piano four-hands and orchestra can be heard at
Composer: Douglas Townsend
Ensemble: McKeever Piano Duo
Miscellaneous: Jean Townsend
Instrument: Piano
Form/Genre: Duet ; Rag
Period: 20th Century