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Canadian Brass - "Echo" Glory of Gabrieli
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Author: Canadian Brass
CD - Sheet Music - (music from the CD) Echo (Scheidt, arr. Eric Robertson) Recorded at Christ Church Deer Park, Toronto Canada. CD Release date is October 6 Q & A with the top brass of Canadian Brass, Chuck Daellenbach The tuba player and co-founder of Canadian Brass talks about the ensembles new recording, Echo Glory of Gabrieli, made in collaboration with ArkivMusic. Q: Echo Glory of Gabrieli is your newest CD in an incredible discography of over 70 recordings that Canadian Brass has amassed over 40 years. Whats the appeal of Gabrieli for you? Chuck: The concept of recording Gabrieli is ever present amongst brass players we trace our roots to this composer, who is reputed to be the first to suggest instruments per sonare as opposed to toccare [per sonare meaning to be sounded, which suggests brass-style instruments, and toccare meaning tap or pluck, which suggests strings]. In the CD notes, Joe Szurly suggests that it was also a feature
Ensemble: Canadian Brass