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Douglas Townsend's CONCERTINO FOR PIANO AND FOUR DIVERSE INSTRUMENTS (1990) (second movement only)
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Author: Douglas Townsend
This performance is a New York premiere of the string quartet version, second movement only ("Andante-Romanze"), of Douglas Townsend's three-movement work CONCERTINO FOR PIANO AND FOUR DIVERSE INSTRUMENTS (1990) (string quartet version). The performance took place on September 16, 2012, at the All Townsend Memorial Concert, held at Manhattan's DiMenna Center for Classical Music. The musicians are David Oei, piano; Tzu-En Lee, violin 1; Eriko Sato, violin 2; Heather Faust, viola; and Lindy Clarke, cello. The video is by Edward Stone; edited by Terry Williams.
Work: Townsend: Concertino for Piano and Four Diverse Instruments
Andante - Romanze
Composer: Douglas Townsend
Presenter: Jean Townsend ; David Oei
Miscellaneous: Edward Stone ; Terry Williams
Instrument: Piano ; Violin ; Viola ; Cello
Form/Genre: Concertino
Period: 20th Century
Festival: All Townsend Memorial Concert