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Moba 3
Seeded by sanjastefanovic on 24 Sep 2013
Author: Sanja Stefanovic
MOBA is dedicated to the presentation and preservation of BalkanĀ“s cultural identity and tradition in music, art, dance, literature. MOBILE BALKAN PROJECT- MOBA Project What is MOBA? MOBA is an installation-performance, music and visual, which creates an exceptional insight on Serbia and the Balkan region countries. We are hosting this installation- recital and contribute to the wider recognition of the Balkan's art heritage with an unusual and highly enjoyable programme. When is the beginning and when is the end of MOBA? MOBA will start on the 25th October and the exhibition will end on the 3rd November but musical programme will continue until 6th December 2013, including a short presentation in this year's British Parliament Week (15-21 November). This will be just the first leg of the ongoing venture aiming to tour Europe, America and other countries and to promote artists from Serbia and the Balkans. The performers are professional musicians and artist whose reputation is
Presenter: ProArt&co.
Instrument: Tenor ; Piano ; Violin
Form/Genre: Lied
Period: Baroque ; Classical ; Romantic