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Marinera "El turron" for 3 bass clarinets. Sauro Berti, Julieta Ugartemendia, Marco Mazzini
Seeded by marcoamazzini on 29 Jun 2013
Author: Marco Antonio Mazzini
During the III International Clarinet Festival in Guatemala, I made en experiment: my recital was a personal story. The hand program was about myself being in a unknown place where I meet people who represent my family, my sentimental emotions and my friends. I made a very quick arrangement of the Peruvian marinera "El turrón" specially for this occasion. On stage, I meet Sauro (who is drinking coffee while listening to Julieta and me performing an Argentinian Chamamé) and I ask him to join us. Then...the music begins. This piece can be downloaded for free here: I would like to thank Buffet Crampon and Vandoren Paris for their support in all my musical activities. If you do play this music, please let me know! Thanks for watching.