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The God's Script ~ Justin Tierney (2 Excerpts)
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Author: Justin Tierney 2 short excerpts from the Opera "Escritura del Dios" [The God's Script] by Justin Tierney, after the short story of the same name by Jorge Louis Borges. (reduction for 2 pianos) *Scene 13: "A Formula of Fourteen Words" (end of scene) *Scene 14: "I Let the Days Obliterate" (end of scene and end of opera) Performed and recorded live in Morse Recital Hall in Sprague Memorial Hall at the Yale School of Music 04/12/2012. Ronny Michael & Eunchan (Christian) Kim ~ Pianos Dashon Burton ~ Baritone. Filming by Garth Neustadter, Michiko Tierney & Gene Kimball Editing by Garth Neustadter & Justin Tierney Plot: "An Aztec mystic, imprisoned by the conquistadors, deciphers the words of God embedded in the living skin of a jaguar in an adjacent cell. In a burst of illumination, the whirling fabric of the cosmos is revealed. Understanding all, he possesses the potential for infinite power. Yet, witnessing the interconnectedness of all things, he now longer desir
Composer: Justin Tierney
Instrument: Baritone