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Blue Tigers ~ Justin Tierney
Seeded by justintierney on 30 Apr 2013
Author: Justin Tierney Emilio Greer - Bb Clarinet Soojin Huh - Basset Horn Gleb Kanasevich Bass Clarinet Jonny Allen - Percussion (Vibes, Cymbal, Bass Drum with superballs) Candy Chiu - Percussion (Crotales, Tam Tam, Thunder Sheet with superballs) Suzana Bartal, Piano Benjamin Firer - Conductor PROGRAM NOTES Alexander Craigie, professor of logic, investigates reports of blue-colored tigers in a remote Indian village, but instead, to the villagers dismay, discovers mysterious blue stones. The stones pop into and out of existence, multiply and disappear without any apparent logic. Craigie obsesses over the "obscene miracle" of the stones that violate the laws of physics which begin to haunt his dreams. He wishes he was mad, since that would be "less disturbing than the discovery that the universe can tolerate disorder. If three plus one can be two, or fourteen, then reason is madness." As he manipulates "the stones that destroyed the science of mathematics" he thinks of th