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Voices of Music Great Works Project: Brandenburg Concertos
Seeded by voicesofmusic on 18 Apr 2013
Author: Walvis2007 Our Kickstarter project We are in the last ten days of our Kickstarter Project--all donations great and small appreciated! Our Kickstarter project will enable us to record two of the Brandenburg Concertos of J.S. Bach on original instruments, performed by some of the finest musicians for the interpretation of Bach. Every day, approximately 8,000 people view our content around the world. You, the viewer, can really make a difference. We hope that you will consider a donation to our project, just follow the link or visit us online. Our project will result in professionally edited videos as well as an audiophile soundtrack. Both Concertos will be released together on a single Blu-Ray disc of high definition video, and we will also release them as a DVD, along with the soundtrack, and we will put the completed video online for viewing over the internet. Voices of Music is a pioneer in filming classic
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