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Miguel del Aguila ISLAMORADA for piano and string orchestra, Philadelphia Virtuosi, Key West
Seeded by mynewname on 16 Apr 2013
Author: Miguel del Aguila ISLAMORADA (The Purple Island) Op.106 for solo piano and string ensemble Miguel del Aguila 2013 Philadelphia Virtuosi Dan Spalding, conductor Gabriela Imreh, piano Written 2013 for the Philadelphia Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra, conductor Dan Spalding and pianist Gabriela Imreh who premiered it on March 16 2013 in Islamorada, Florida. Composed for full string ensemble, Islamorada can also be performed by a minimum of 5 strings (two violins, viola, cello and bass), and piano. The work is played by Philadelphia Virtuosi with piano, 8 Violins, 2 violas, 2 celli and 1 bass, and was conceived for this setting. Miguel del Aguila writes: "I sketched part of Islamorada in early 2012 as a full, three movements piano concerto. When I was asked to write a short work to be premiered on March 2013, I merged ideas from the last two movements and added new material to create a fully independent work. The title of the work was inspired by the name and the place of it