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ArtistWorks - An Invitation to Play Something Special
Seeded by artistsworksclassical on 5 Apr 2013
Author: ArtistWorksInc Now you can become the player you've always wanted to be online using the patent-pending ArtistWorks Video Exchangeâ„¢ Platform to access the musical legacy of legendary teaching artists. Choose your school and you'll get hundreds via pre-recorded HD video lessons and an on-going exchange of videos where you can get one on one feedback on your playing. Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned vet, or somewhere in between, it's the most effective way to learn an instrument online. Our instructors are world champions, Grammy award winners and nominees, and instructors and graduates of top musical institutions like Peabody and Curtis. These musicians are so excited to work with musicians of all ages. This is a unique opportunity where you will get the secrets and the tricks the masters use in their own playing. You'll get unlimited access to hundreds of streaming HD video bluegrass guitar lessons, backing tracks and tabs -- beginner to advanced -- for you to learn