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Guitar Blues Jam: Paul Gilbert, Martin Taylor, Bryan Sutton, Jason Vieaux, Andy Hall, Andreas Oberg
Seeded by artistsworksclassical on 5 Apr 2013
Author: ArtistWorksInc Paul Gilbert (Rock Guitar), Jason Vieaux (Classical Guitar), Martin Taylor (Fingerstyle Guitar), Andreas Oberg (Jazz & More Guitar), Bryan Sutton (Acoustic Guitar), Andy Hall (Dobro). Click on the link to find out more about the individual instructors. ArtistWorks Guitar Campus with all these renowned musicians as well as teachers provide a comprehensive curriculum and resources that cover every aspect of music learning. First is the instruction. For the guitar schools with all of our six teachers, you will get access to hundreds of pre-recorded HD video lessons. These video lessons cover lessons from beginner, intermediate, to conservatory level playing. So, these topics will take you from learning how to hold your guitar to jamming out with the master musicians themselves. Sounds awesome, right? It doesn't end there! You can learn all the essential lessons through the videos, then if you have any questions or if you want advice from the teachers, sim
Instrument: Guitar