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The River Came: The Eric Whitacre Singers
Seeded by dciny on 25 Feb 2013
Author: DCINY Eric Whitacre and the Eric Whitacre Singers Inspirations: North American Debut Tour March 18-21 Announcing the debut US tour of Eric Whitacre and his professional choir, the Eric Whitacre Singers in March 2013 -- Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia and New York City. The programme will include recent works from Eric such as "Alleluia" and "The City and the Sea" as well as some of the greats of his catalogue, "When David Heard", "A Boy and a Girl" and "Leonardo Dreams of his Flying Machine". Other composers featured include Lauridsen, Monteverdi and Bach. This exceptional team of artists won a Grammy® award for 'Best Choral Performance' in 2012 for their debut album on Decca, Light & Gold. Reaping unanimous five star reviews, The Independent remarked: "it is graceful to sing, scrumptious to listen to, and rejoices in those ecstatic harmonic suspensions that turn dissonance into consonance and make something highly seductive of the thoroughly chaste", whil