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John Dowland: Tarleton's Resurrection; David Tayler, archlute
Seeded by voicesofmusic on 19 Jan 2013
Author: Walvis2007
One of Dowland's early works, Tarleton's Resurrection, performed on the archlute by David Tayler. Tarleton's Reconstruction: Dowland's original music does not survive, and the later sources present only the outside lines of what would have been a four or five part composition. Dowland's lute solos invariably have room in the polyphonic web for a tenor or alto part, and here I have created a tenor part for the last section in the style of Dowland, using an inverted counterpoint of the melody divided along the hexachord. Dowland's solo remained popular well into the early 17th century. Richard Tarleton: Tarleton was the favorite jester of Queen Elizabeth I, and he died in 1588, the same year that Dowland received his degree from Oxford. Dowland was very much interested in a court position, and may have written the work as a gesture to the Queen. An accomplished comedic actor, Tarleton was also a playwright and fencing master who could improvise pentameter as part of the play or to spar
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