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Whale Flute Improv
Seeded by karenlynnedeal on 5 Jan 2013
Author: Karen Lynne Deal
Once each year, between the months of January through March, Gray Whales migrate from Alaska down to Baja California, Mexico to give birth and breed. The pregnant females swim into the calm water of various Pacific bays and lagoons to give birth. For some unknown reason, Gray Whale mothers often encourage their calves to approach the local fishing boats, called pangas. In San Ignacio Lagoon, the whales seem particularly "friendly," allowing humans to touch them, scratch them, and interact with them. I took my flute along to see if the whales would respond to the sound. As I improvised, I noticed that they came out of the water and rolled over much more than when I did not play. Also, the mother was a lot more active while I was playing. Usually the mothers stay back, do not surface, and simply watch the babies. Nothing scientific, but a super big rush for me and a sublime melding of my two favorite loves - music and marine wildlife.