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Miguel del Aguila NOCTURNE for piano
Seeded by mynewname on 13 Nov 2012
Author: ClassicalNews Miguel del Aguila Nocturne Miguel del Aguila, piano Nocturne Op. 62' for solo piano Written in 1998 Nocturne was premiered the same year by pianist Karen Corbett in Ventura, California. A lyrical, slow moving and introspective piece, it is heavily influenced by Jazz and 1940's South American Song style. These two elements are combined to create a mood of sadness and nostalgia not too far from that of the Blues and the slow Brazilian Chôro. Miguel del Aguila writes: "I wrote Nocturne in just a few hours on a foggy afternoon in California. Its form and harmonic structure are very basic and the lack of development give this piece an almost folk-style flow where emotions are expressed with spontaneous simplicity and sincerity. 15 years later, I unknowingly returned to this style in Silence, a work for violin and piano that seems to continue the mood of this piece and to be related to it in its mood."
Composer: Miguel Del Aguila