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Learn Classical Guitar with Jason Vieaux - Online Classical Guitar Lessons
Seeded by artistsworksclassical on 25 Sep 2012
Author: ArtistWorksInc
CLICK TO GET FREE SAMPLE LESSONS FROM JASON:- Welcome to jason Vieaux's Classical Guitar School. Can't see yourself studying with Jason Vieaux, the master himself? Well, through ArtistWorks, you can! Everyone, of all ages, all levels, and all geographical locations, can sign up and start sharpening their classical guitar skills with Jason Vieaux. With the Video Exchange Learning technology as a part of the Online Classical Guitar School, students can submit a video, which Jason Vieaux will receive. He watches the student's performanc and then he responds with a video of his own back to the student. On the response, he tells the student what he or she can do better, and follows that with a specific assignment to improve upon the areas of critiques. The students can then work on it and get back to him for additional notes. This communication loop continues and with some hard work, you will be playing the licks you hear him playing. Additionally, Jas